Pre-shipment Inspection

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Pre-shipment inspection refers to arranging on-site supervisors to witness the entire loading process when loading containers. SMC LOG will ensure that the shipping personnel will load the correct goods in accurate quantities and use the intact packaging into the containers in good condition. To ensure that your goods are safely packed in containers in good condition for shipment.

Specific content:

1. Check the quantity, specifications, labels, packaging methods, marks, etc. of the cabinetd products;

2. Check the condition of the container;

3. Supervise the on-site shipment process;

4. The inspector will explain the problems that occurred during the loading process on site;

5. The container is locked and sealed;

6. The official supervision and inspection report shall be issued within 1 working day;

7. Let the buyer understand the status of the product at the time of consignment and ensure that the consignment is packed in the correct process.

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