Product Structure Of Medical Disposable Non-woven Protective Clothing

The uses of Medical disposable non-woven protective clothing:

medical protective clothing has good moisture permeability and barrier properties, can effectively resist the penetration of alcohol, blood, body fluids, air dust particles, bacteria, safe and convenient to use, can effectively protect the wearer from Threatened by infection, comfortable to wear, good hand feel, strong tensile strength, breathable and waterproof, no cross infection, etc.

Product structure of Medical disposable non-woven protective clothing:

1. The protective clothing consists of a hat, jacket and pants.

2. The structure is reasonable, easy to wear, and the joints are tight.

3. Elastic cuffs are used to close the cuffs, ankles, and hat face.

The function of SFS material: it is a composite product of breathable membrane and spunbond cloth, which has the function of breathability and waterproof. SFS (Hot Melt Adhesive Compound): a composite product of various films and non-woven fabrics.

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